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Home    December 19, 2014

Welcome to CNS Tech Welding & Fabrication


Thank you for your interest in CNS Tech Welding & Fabrication, L.C.

CNS Tech Welding & Fabrication, LC has been meeting our customer's welding and fabricating needs since Jan 2007. The business mission and scope of CNS Tech Welding & Fabrication is the welding, fabrication and sale of Subsea Piping and other fabricated products to customer supplied specifications.

Some of our common products include the welding and fabrication of Riser main tubes, Choke & Kill, Booster & Hydraulic lines (Stainless Steel or Duplex) Spider Clamp & Tension Ring riser adaptors.

CNS specializes in 316/ 309 stainless steel, 625 inconel or Stellite Inlay / Overlay.

The welding processes that are currently available are listed below.

(SMAW) Shielded Metal Arc Welding

(GMAW) Gas Metal Arc Welding

(FCAW) Flux Cored Arc Welding

(SAW) Submerged Arc Welding

(GTAW-P) Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (Hot wire)

(GTAW-A) Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (Cold wire)

(PWHT) Post Weld Heat Treat (In house Stress Relieving on all pipe welds with Heat/Stress treatment units)

Cutting Processes that are currently available are listed below.

(OFC-) Oxyfuel Cutting

(CAC-A) Air Carbon Arc Cutting

(PAC) Plasma Arc

CNS Tech Welding & Fabrication, LC also has an effective Quality plan in place which we make sure is followed accurately. We are registered with SAI Global as a company that has developed, implemented and maintains a quality management system that comforms to the requirements of the following International standards:

ISO 9001:2008

Date of Registration: April 9, 2012

Registration Number: CERT-0062352

CNS Tech Welding & Fabrication, LC has the following certified Quality personnel on site.

CWI on staff, Certified from the American Welding Society

2 x Certified level II Inspectors

Accp Professional Level III

Processes for Nondestructive Examination

(UT/RT) Ultra Sonic and X-Ray done by approved outside service

(MT) Magnetic Particle Examination

Wet Visible Color Contrast

Wet Fluorescent

Dry Powder

(LP) Liquid Penetrate Examination

Water Washable

(BHN) Brinell Hardness Testing

King Brinell


CNS Tech Welding & Fabrication, LC has the following shop capacity and equipment:

(Shop) 26,000 Sq. FT.

(Tig Room) 1,500 Sq. Ft.

2 - 20 ton overhead cranes

9,000 lb Forklift

21,000 lb Forklift

2 - Arc 5 Hot wire tig units 

8 - Cold wire tig units

6 - Sub Arc Stations

2 - 20k Flat Positioners

10 - 2,000 lb Tilt Positioners

4 - 10,000 lb Tilt Positioners

2 - 3,000 lb Tilt Positioner

2 - 10,000 lb Tilt Positioners

1 - 6x8x8 Gas Furnaces

Rod Ovens

Flux Ovens

Miller/Lincoln Power Supply

6 - 3,000 lb Rollers Sets

6 - 5,000 lb Rollers Sets

4 - 10,000 lb Rollers Sets

CNS Tech Welding & Fabrication, LC is on the approved vendor list of the following companies;

Aker Solutions Riser International
Bettis / Emerson Process Management T-3 Energy / NOV
Cameron Valv Technologies
Expro Group Weatherford International
Federal Flange Wood Co
GE Oil & Gas Wood Group
Quality Connector Systems
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